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Take control of your own testing

Get accurate and affordable same-day results with the Co-Dx™ Mosquito Surveillance PCR Program.

Who says you can’t run your own PCR lab?

Globally, vector-borne diseases account for 17% of all infectious diseases, causing more than 700,000 deaths per year.* When leading effective and quick intervention, government-sponsored programs and public behavior can reduce transmission and human disease cases.

Sending samples to another lab is inconvenient and time consuming. Why wait days or even weeks for PCR results? With the latest in multiplex PCR testing, the Co-Dx Box qPCR cycler and our Vector Smart PCR testing solutions provides the foundation for your own PCR laboratory.

Comprehensive testing for most PCR equipment

Our multiplex PCR tests are compatible with most open-source qPCR equipment and can detect several major mosquito-borne illnesses. If you’re looking to start your own lab, our low-cost, portable, calibration-free 48-well qPCR instrument, the Co-Dx Box™ qPCR cycler, is a magnetic induction thermal cycler with software optimized to run our PCR test kits.

Discover the Vector Smart™ advantage

Our Vector Control solutions are designed to provide accurate and efficient testing for the most common mosquito-borne viruses, helping you take control of disease prevention.

In-house testing

Conduct high-quality PCR testing in your own facilities.

Same-day results

Stop waiting for lab results and conduct your own tests.

Gold-standard accuracy

PCR testing brings the most accurate testing available on the market to you.

Easy to use

Kits are compatible with most qPCR equipment and produce easy-to-interpret results.

Affordable equipment​

Get all the features of a PCR lab in one portable, cost-effective package.

mosquito-borne diseases

Departments and Ministries of Health in the U.S. and worldwide currently have vector control services to control, limit, or eradicate vectors where they are suspected to contribute to the spread of pathogens or outbreaks. Vector control and mosquito abatement play a vital role in preventing outbreaks and the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Co-Dx tests have been engineered with positive controls specifically for mosquito samples, ensuring reliable results.

Our Vector Smart™ PCR tests and affordable laboratory equipment is designed to test mosquito populations where the insect is known to act as a vector.

See it in action

Contact us for a full demo of our Vector Smart™ tests together with the Co-Dx Box™.

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