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Real-time PCR testing for everyone

Co-Dx PCR Testing Platform hardware box

Amplifying human potential through
real-time PCR

It all starts with a single sample. Add chemistry, heat, and light to make the fragments of a single virus visible by amplification up to a billion fold by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Add the limitless potential of the cloud and you’ve got fast and accurate PCR testing in around 30 minutes—all from a device the size of a small box of tissues.

At Co-Dx, we believe that everyone deserves to be empowered to take charge of their well-being. Our commitment to innovation drives us to develop user-friendly, reliable and highly accurate PCR diagnostic tests to give families, businesses, and point-of-care facilities the power to know.

*Co-Dx PCR Pro and Co-Dx PCR Test Cups require regulatory approval for diagnostic use. Currently not for sale, subject to U.S. FDA authorization status.

Real-time results at the point of care

The Co-Dx™ PCR Platform gives your organization fast and accurate test results, so you can make better decisions to keep everyone safe.
Woman sitting with an older woman at a care facility

Bring the
laboratory home

Experience the gold standard of PCR testing from the comfort of your home. No appointments. No waiting. Just real-time PCR results.

Laboratory solutions to improve human experiences

Our team of world-renowned scientists is constantly pushing what’s possible in PCR multiplex testing at the lowest cost — powered by our proprietary Co-Primers™ technology and innovations in color chemistry and melting analysis to ensure rapid, accurate results for the most important infectious diseases.

Diagnostic Solutions

Many of Co-Dx’s testing solutions are available as in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products and are rigorously tested internally to ensure high-quality results.
An image of a pair of hands using in vitro diagnostic tests

Research Solutions

We have several Co-Primers™-powered infectious disease detection products available for non-clinical Research Use Only (RUO) applications.

Vector Control Solutions​

Vector control and mosquito abatement play a vital role in preventing outbreaks and the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Our Vector Smart™ PCR tests and lab equipment have been engineered with positive controls specifically for mosquito samples, ensuring reliable results.
Woman in a lab wearing safety glasses looking at test results

Co-Primers™ solution: The Co-Dx Difference

As published in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, the Co-Primers system reduces primer dimer propagation by 2.5-250 million-fold (PMID: 24370857). Primer dimers limit the sensitivity of probe-based PCR and can cause false negative results, missing microbes that are actually present. Primer dimers also limit the specificity of dye-based PCR and can cause false positives.

Co-Dx Box™—advanced qPCR cycler

With a compact design, fixed optical paths, and no need for optical alignment or calibration, the Co-Dx Box thermal cycler offers a lightweight, portable cutting-edge magnetic induction qPCR cycler with high performance melting capability for high-throughput clinical labs.

Co-Dx Box magnetic induction cycler

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