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On-site PCR for healthcare professionals ​

Diagnose patients and avoid long send-out wait times with on-site qPCR testing that enables better treatment decisions at affordable prices.

Reduce the time between diagnoses and treatment

Long wait times for lab results take up time that could be used to help your patients get the help they need to feel better. With point-of-care PCR testing, results come in minutes—creating a clearer path to recovery.

Co-Dx pro testing platform box with mobile phone and test cup

Test in-office with
Co-Dx™ PCR Pro Testing Platform

The Co-Dx PCR Pro™ Testing Platform fits an entire PCR lab inside a container the size of a tissue box. With single-use sample cartridges and Bluetooth connectivity, the Co-Dx PCR Pro can give you accurate results at the point of care.
*Co-Dx PCR Home™ & Co-Dx PCR Pro™ are subject to FDA review and not currently for sale.

Give patients peace of mind

Let patients know test results sooner to get a jump start on treatment. With gold-standard PCR, you’ll have confidence in test results that may help to stop further spread of infection.

An image of a woman looking at her phone, admiring her test results
Man using a nasal swab in a doctors waiting room

Bring the power of the lab to you

Eliminate the laboratory middlemen and give your patients the confidence they need in their results by providing accurate real-time PCR testing at the point of treatment.

Boost accuracy with Co-Primers™ Technology

Get fast results and help eliminate primer dimer propagation with revolutionary Co-Dx Co-Primers™ technology.
Woman in a lab wearing safety glasses looking at test results

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