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At-home comfort. Laboratory-quality results.

Take charge of your health with gold-standard PCR testing in your home with the Co-Dx™ PCR Home™.
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Co-Dx PCR Home and Pro Testing Platform hardware box

Fast testing. Fast answers. Peace of mind.

Going to the doctor means crowded waiting rooms, long waits , and risk of exposure to illness. Now, testing at home can give you the same lab-quality results in minutes without going to the doctor.

*Co-Dx PCR Home™ & Co-Dx PCR Pro™ are subject to FDA review and not currently for sale.

No more waiting

Get results in minutes instead of hours or days.

Affordable testing

Save money while protecting your health.

Keep loved ones safe

Limit exposure by testing from home.

Peace of mind—from the comfort of home.

The right treatment plan starts with accurate test results. PCR testing at home gives test results you can trust in minutes so you can plan the right next steps for your health—all while keeping others safe from exposure.

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Bring the lab to your fingertips

The Co-Dx PCR Home Testing Platform gives you everything you need for high-quality real-time PCR testing. Its compact design and Bluetooth® connectivity get accurate results back to you as soon as they are available through a smartphone app.

The power of PCR

Real-time PCR testing is the gold standard when you need accurate results for travel, work, or just for peace of mind. Our at-home solutions, combined with our revolutionary Co-Primers™ technology mean you have faster, accurate results, without the trip to the doctor’s office.

An image of a woman at home using the Co-Dx home testing platform and using a test kit

Testing as easy as 1-2-3

Prepare for your test

Download the Co-Dx PCR Home app on your smartphone and make sure you have the test kit and Co-Dx PCR Home device.

Get connected

Sign in to the app using your preferred method and connect your smartphone to the Co-Dx PCR Home device using Bluetooth.

Start your test

Follow each step in the app to complete the testing process. You’ll get results right on your phone in 30 minutes.

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