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Real-time PCR, right where you are

Accurate test results with no appointment needed.
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Co-Dx PCR Home and Pro Testing Platform hardware box

Fast. Accurate. Reliable.

The COVID-19 pandemic not only revealed the importance of fast, reliable test results, but it highlighted some important differences between antigen and PCR tests. Many of the test kits done at home were antigen tests. Oftentimes, these antigen test results weren’t accepted for travel, events, and other activities where proof of a negative result was required. PCR tests were mandatory due to their superior sensitivity over antigen testing.

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a molecular diagnostic method that can identify bacteria or viruses in humans, animals, or the food supply—and do so without the limitations of other diagnostics technologies. Real-time PCR takes the accuracy of PCR a step further by introducing a florescent element that enables amplification of the reactions to be visible by sophisticated instruments in real time.

Co-Dx™ systems are empowering individuals to perform real-time PCR conveniently and accurately from the comfort of home or offices at point-of-care. We have harnessed the power of advanced technology to develop user-friendly, reliable, and highly accurate PCR testing kits.

Co-Dx PCR Pro and Co-Dx PCR Test Cups require regulatory approval for diagnostic use. Currently not for sale, subject to U.S. FDA authorization status.

How Co-Dx uses real-time PCR

Accurately detect bacteria and viruses

PCR is the gold standard for detecting bacterial and viral diseases.

Vector control

Stop mosquito and other vector-borne illnesses in their tracks by testing swarms before they can infect human populations.

testing on-site

The Co-Dx PCR Platform provides fast, accurate test results to keep the community safe.

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Woman in a lab wearing safety glasses testing things using PCR technology

Co-Primers™ technology— The Co-Dx difference

Our patented Co-Primers technology enables reactions that may be more specific than competing PCR technologies.

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