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The Co-Dx™ PCR Pro™

Transforming healthcare with affordable, on-site PCR testing
Small boy getting a rapid covid test from a female family member.

When “good enough” just isn’t good enough.

In this post-pandemic landscape, COVID testing options abound. But when it comes to making sure your patients, clients, and staff are protected, you deserve the gold-standard of diagnostic testing—real-time PCR—in minutes, right at the point of care, without the wait and hassle of sending samples to a lab and without the concerns about less robust technology.

Introducing the Co-Dx PCR Pro.

The Co-Dx PCR Pro™ instrument, tests and mobile app make testing easy with a mobile phone or tablet and Bluetooth connectivity, whether on-site at the point-of-care or at home. This platform embodies our decade-long commitment to transforming healthcare delivery and creating a positive impact on a global scale by democratizing access to PCR diagnostics.

Why does it matter? 

High-quality point-of-care PCR testing plays a crucial role in healthcare, especially when it comes to protecting vulnerable patient populations in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs).

The PCR Pro enables rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, facilitating timely treatment and containment measures. By delivering results on-site, it eliminates the need for sample transportation and the wait time that comes with it—putting care facilities in control. This also reduces the risk that the sample is transported incorrectly or lost enroute, speeds turnaround time to results, and allows for immediate decision-making. The quality of PCR testing at the point of care ensures test results you can rely on.

The world has had to adjust to a new paradigm for infectious disease testing. Historically, the gold standard of diagnostics for most infectious diseases has been PCR—complex procedures that resided solely in the realm of highly-trained laboratory technicians. The Co-Dx PCR Pro overcomes the complexity gap by empowering users to perform PCR diagnostics at the point of care, as easily as sharing a post on social media. Because you and those in your care deserve the peace of mind that comes with the highest standard, not something that’s just “good enough.”

The Co-Dx PCR Pro, along with associated mobile app software and diagnostic tests, requires regulatory approval for diagnostic use, is subject to U.S. FDA and local regulatory marketing authorization status and is currently not for sale.