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Understanding multiplex PCR

The ability to test for multiple potential diseases or conditions in one test is a game-changer for diagnostic testing— especially when signs and symptoms are similar.

One sample. Multiple tests.

Multiplex PCR enables the detection of multiple targets in a single reaction. This means one test can check for multiple infections at the same time, which is especially helpful when several potential illnesses all have the same signs and symptoms. Multiplex PCR can reduce both the time and cost of testing while giving you the peace of mind that comes from comprehensive results.

Why multiplexing?

Speed up the testing process. Multiplex PCR gives individuals and communities the power to know by cutting the time and cost it may normally take to get results. Faster analysis can mean quicker diagnosis and more precise prevention efforts to stop the spread of illness.

Save money and resources. Multiplexing conserves PCR components, consumable goods, and the time it takes to conduct the tests and get results—increasing savings for facilities that can be passed on to those who rely on them, and for users of the Co-Dx PCR Home™ Testing Platform with real-time PCR technology.

Get more information with less sample input. Depending on what type of PCR tests are being conducted, sample quantity may be scarce. Multiplexing helps to overcome this by reducing the number or volume of samples required to get results for multiple conditions. This is especially useful when the sample volume is limited.

Pinpoint what is making you sick. When illnesses have common symptoms, you need to know exactly what illness you may have and eliminate those that you don’t so you can take the right path to getting better. Multiplex PCR’s ability to detect multiple targets means the process of elimination is happening simultaneously and you have a clear view of what’s causing your illness.

Woman in a lab wearing safety glasses looking at test results

Unique Co-Primers™ technology

Multiplexed nucleic acid reactions can push the limits of amplification in PCR, especially when it comes to unwanted reaction artifacts. Even a small number of these artifacts can result in erroneous results. Co-Dx’s patented Co-Primers, a novel class of primer technology, decreases primer dimer propagation helping to amplify exactly what’s making you sick.

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