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Increase speed and accuracy for your lab

Co-Dx™ solutions give your lab the leg up it needs to offer real-time PCR results.

Real-time PCR testing is in high demand

People rely on the results of PCR testing for work, travel, and for overall health and wellness. At Co-Dx our goal is to help provide laboratories with affordable, high quality PCR products.

Woman in a lab wearing safety glasses looking at test results

The Co-Primers™ difference

The proprietary structure of Co-Primers™ technology may enable reactions that are more accurate than other PCR technologies. Higher annealing temperatures and reduction of primer dimer propagation may improve specificity and the ability to multiplex accurately.

See how we fit in your lab

Increased specificity

Maintain quality standards with more accurate results.

Sharper sensitivity

Get a clearer picture with less effort.

Mega multiplexing

Test a range of conditions in a single test procedure.

The Co-Dx Box™

Take the lab anywhere with a portable qPCR cycler. This cutting-edge magnetic induction technology enables fast, accurate, and efficient testing in an easy-to-transport device.

An image of the Co-Dx Box portable qPCR cycler
An image of a pair of hands using in vitro diagnostic tests

Diagnostic solutions for your lab 

Explore our in vitro diagnostic solutions. These solutions are rigorously tested to ensure quality PCR results spanning a broad range of infections.

Explore Research solutions

We have several Co-Primers-powered infectious disease detection products that are available for non-clinical applications.

An image of two women in a lab testing with a nasal swab in a petri dish

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