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Diagnostic solutions

Learn more about our enhanced in vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing capabilities.

Man in a lab testing for infectious diseases

Comprehensive tests for most qPCR equipment

Choose from a range of Co-Dx’s Logix Smart® products that include RNaseP Internal Positive Control (IPC) and are compatible with most qPCR equipment. 

Get the most from your diagnostic solutions

PCR accuracy

Get the peace of mind that only comes from the gold standard of infectious disease testing.

Built for the lab

Get accurate test results with our proprietary Co-Primers™ technology.


Cut costs related to single-use PCR tests with multiplexing capabilities.

We test before you test

All Co-Dx Diagnostic solutions have passed extensive quality control to ensure they meet our goal of producing high-quality diagnostics that exceed customer expectations. Solutions are offered as in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) only where they are in compliance with the registration and regulatory requirements of importing countries, including approvals by the appropriate regulatory bodies as necessary.

See it in action​

Contact us for a full demo of our IVD solutions.

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