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Bringing real-time PCR testing to everyone 

At Co-Dx, we believe the benefits of affordable, high-quality diagnostics should be available to everyone. That’s why we’re making our revolutionary Co-Primers™ real-time PCR technology available for at-home and point-of-care testing—to give individuals, families, and communities the Power to Know™. In doing so, we can amplify human potential around the globe.

Gold standard
testing for all

Access to timely, accurate test results is about so much more than just knowing if someone is sick. It’s arming individuals, families, and communities with information they can trust when it comes to making medical decisions. It’s empowering organizations and governments to cut healthcare costs while increasing productivity. It’s giving vector control organizations the tools they need for real-time results that can protect communities. And it’s about supporting non-profits to deliver on their mission to end suffering related to infectious diseases.

Our history

Co-Dx was founded on our passion for bringing high-quality molecular diagnostics to areas in the world that have been overlooked and underserved by other diagnostics companies. Since 2013, we have been guided by our vision of lowering the cost of healthcare by increasing access to gold-standard PCR tools. Using our patented Co-Primers™ technology, proprietary development platform, and years of experience, we were the first US-based company to receive a CE-marking for a COVID-19 test in early 2020, as we worked to help slow the spread of the pandemic through our global network of distributors covering clinical labs in more than 50 countries.

Three women in a lab using a single test to identify multiple infections at the same time

Mission statement

At Co-Dx, we are passionate about providing the most robust and innovative molecular tools for detection of infectious diseases, especially in those regions where affordable access is paramount. Our proprietary molecular diagnostics Co-Primers™ technology is helping to pave the way for innovation in disease detection and life sciences research. By harnessing the power of advanced technology and scientific advancements, we strive to democratize access to molecular diagnostics, making it available to individuals worldwide, regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic status.

Our vision

The best technology changes lives. It can even save them. We believe the benefits of affordable, high-quality real-time PCR diagnostics should be available to all. We aim to transform healthcare delivery, improve patient outcomes and contribute to global health initiatives.