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Co-Dx Box™ Advanced qPCR cycler

Revolutionize your lab

The Co-Dx Box qPCR cycler features cutting-edge magnetic induction qPCR and high-performance melting technology, powering fast, accurate, efficient testing. With its compact design and intuitive user interface, the Co-Dx Box provides affordable, portable PCR lab equipment—making it the ultimate solution for your molecular laboratory needs.

Simplify testing. Amplify accessibility.

No calibration needed

With fixed optical paths the Co-Dx Box qPCR cycler doesn’t require optical alignment or calibration – ever.

Compact and portable​

Maximize bench space with the instrument’s small footprint and Bluetooth connectivity

Easy to use

With little maintenance required and software tailored toward simplicity, the Co-Dx Box is one of the most intuitive qPCR cyclers on the market.

Advanced cycling technology

Manufactured using cutting-edge magnetic induction technology developed by Bio Molecular Systems, the original team behind Rotor-Gene 6000, X-Tractor Gene and CAS-1200.

Set-up and training

Receive all the features of a full PCR lab in one compact package that includes comprehensive training, lab set-up, and technical support.

What makes the Co-Dx Box™ special


Get same-day results

The complete Co-Dx Box™ testing process can be run in approximately two hours or less thanks to a simple and streamlined workflow and easy-to-operate system.

Gold-standard accuracy

Get fast and accurate PCR results with our Logix Smart™ tests powered by patented Co-Primers™ technology.

All-in-one affordable package

For customers new to molecular diagnostics, we offer comprehensive laboratory equipment set-up, technical support, and training packages.

Unique detection made possible by Co-Primers™ technology

The unique, proprietary structure of the Co-Primers design may enable reactions that are more accurate than other PCR techniques to detect viruses that cause illnesses like COVID, the flu, and more.

Co-Dx Box™ specifications


Height: 130mm (265mm lid open) Width: 150mm Length: 150mm Weight:  2.1kg


AC Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz 4.0

Thermal Performance

Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.25°C Temperature Uniformity: ± 0.05°C Ramp Rates: Heating: 4°C/s Cooling: 3°C/s Temperature Input Range: 40 – 99°C


Detectors: Photodiode per channel Excitation Sources: High energy light emitting diode for each channel


Green: Ex 465nm Em 510nm Yellow: Ex 540nm Em 570nm Orange: Ex 585nm Em 618nm Red: Ex 635nm Em 675nm Acquisition Time: 1 second

Reaction Vessels

Samples per Instrument: 48Reaction Volume Range: 10 – 25 μL

Operating Environment

Temperature: 18 – 35°C Relative Humidity: 20 – 80% 

Have questions? Want to learn more? Let’s chat.

We can answer any questions and give you a full demo of the Co-Dx Box™.

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