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The Co-Dx™ PCR platform

The next stage in the evolution of PCR is here

A journey 10 years in the making

10 years ago, Co-Diagnostics was founded on a simple but ambitious mission:

To transform healthcare delivery and create a positive impact on a global scale by democratizing access to molecular diagnostics.

We now find ourselves on the verge of bringing that commitment to life and of providing accessible, affordable PCR testing for all, thanks to the Co-Dx PCR™ testing platform.

The 6 ½” x 4 1/2” x 6”, 2 lbs instrument operates via a smartphone app with simple-to-follow instructions that includes videos to walk users through every step, some sample swab collection to the straightforward instrument operation. Results are processed in the cloud and delivered back to the user’s smartphone or tablet in about 30 minutes using software designed from the ground-up for this specific use. The PCR tests themselves (contained in the simple but unique, innovative test collection cups) are powered by patented Co-Dx Co-Primers™️ PCR technology.

With PCR Pro™* and PCR Home™ versions of the instrument and mobile app and a pipeline of tests in the works, the Co-Dx PCR platform is not just the result of our dedicated employees’, engineers’ and scientists’ diligent efforts over the last three years since it was originally conceived; it is the realization of our decade-long commitment to achieving our mission.

Why does it matter?

High-quality point-of-care PCR testing plays a crucial role in healthcare. It enables rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19 or tuberculosis, facilitating timely treatment and containment measures. By delivering results on-site, it eliminates the need for sample transportation, reducing the risk that the sample is transported incorrectly or lost enroute, reducing turnaround time to results, and allowing for immediate decision-making. The quality of PCR testing at the point of care ensures reliable detection of pathogens, minimizing incorrect results.

In short, high-quality PCR testing at home and at the point of care enhances patient care, public health response, and helps control the spread of infectious diseases.

When Co-Dx saw the fundamental shift in the diagnostics landscape that took place in the wake of the COVID pandemic we recognized that we could finally make good on our promise of revolutionizing and democratizing diagnostics. And not just for high-income countries, nor just for low- and middle-income countries that had been forced to settle for whatever alternatives were available thanks to subsidies by NGOs….

But for the whole world.

Now, with the recognition of prestigious grantors who see the innovation and potential of this new platform to transform access to gold-standard PCR, data from 3rd party analytical and useability studies regarding the quality of its design and performance, a pipeline of tests designed to address critical unmet needs in priority markets across the globe, and the Co-Dx PCR Pro™ instrument and Co-Dx PCR COVID-19 Test Cup* currently under review by the FDA, we believe the Co-Dx PCR platform has the power to do just that.

*Pending FDA review. Platform not available for sale in the United States.